nedjelja, 3. listopada 2010.


Been busy the last year and a half, but I'm back now to update you about new and exciting things in my life. Your pain is finally over.
So, a few days ago I was taking a walk in a forest with a friend and we found a pretty big axe! What a black metal moment it was! We decided to keep it, just in case. Part of the blade is torn off, but it's no big deal, little bit of sharpening and it will be as good as new.

A day after that I went to grape harvest, was picking/cutting the grapes and it was pretty damn fulfilling. Nice scenery in the hills.
Yesterday I was puking the whole way home and when I finally got home I realized I puked all over my left sneaker, so I cleaned it up of course, and even did a god job given the state I was in.
I haven't had any good pissing stories recently, so I'll tell you a story which dates 2-3 years in the past. It was an open air festival, the bands were all crap, but I went anyway, to hang out and chill. Small digresion: That day I even met this cute girl whith whom I made out later and it really was a good makeout session if you understand me. Today we don't even say hello to each other. LOL! Digresion over. So after a while I got terribly drunk and couldn't walk anymore so i sat down at the bar. Then after another while I needed to take a piss and since I couldn't walk I just took my tool out and pissed right there on the spot. I was pretty lucky nobody saw me (except a few pople who later told me about the incident, I myself did not remember it), because they would probably throw me out and maybe even beat me up. Lucky me. That's it for now, see ya!

utorak, 9. lipnja 2009.

Boy, do I live a hella fun life!

A few weeks ago I went to the swimming pool. Since I can barely swim and therefore obviously lack any swimming technique, I got so exhausted that I puked. Not in the swimming pool, I managed to get to the toilet.
Then a week after that at one point I simultaneously bled out of my rectum, nose and gum after some heavy drinking few days in a row, but the bleeding only lasted for two days.
Yesterday I was talking to my roommate who is a big catholic and he told me that the director of Ariel sold his soul to Satan for the formula and success. So, to all of you users of Ariel, it's actually Satan who's doing your laundry, suckers!
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petak, 3. travnja 2009.

8 and a half fantastic cherry trees

Yesterday I got my biopotential measured and turns out it's peferct. Some of my friends got their's measured too and it wasn't as good as they thought it would be. The guy who was measuring it even recommended them help with their weak spots. LOL
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nedjelja, 22. veljače 2009.

Wrist, meet razor

Yesterday I pissed in a plastic cup with two ice cubes in it. It looked like some liquor, so I put it on the ground and I sure hope that one of those annoying "punks" drank it. Damn, those cunts annoy the shit out of me. The plan was, actually, to piss in a plastic bag again, but I lost mine, and my friends lost their bags too. Bye now!
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nedjelja, 1. veljače 2009.


Yesterday I wrote "ISUS" with dripping piss. I pissed in a plastic bag, but it had a hole and the piss was dripping out so I wrote it on the concrete ground.
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